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Korean American Pioneer Dosan

There is misuse of Dosan's legacy constantly centered in Riverside. When all of the activities in Riverside are looked at the majority of people using Dosan's legacy clearly contradict Dosan's ideals. Revising and exaggerating the historical facts of Pachappa migrant labor camp of Pioneer Koreans is not consistent with Dosan's thinking. South Korean Americans and South Koreans are disrespecting Dosan's legacy. The book Korean American Pioneer Dosan matter is an example of abusing Dosan Ahn Chang Ho and Susan Ahn Cuddy as well as questionable ethics of publishing historical information. Academic freedom is not an excuse.

2/19/2023 1:46 PM (43 minutes ago)to imachoi@hotmail.com,

Dear Mr. Choi  Chang Ho,

Your email is the Copyright contact for this 2015 version published by Hungsadan.

The 1995 version is copyrighted under another organization you are not identifying. (left book in bookshelf photo)

An additional investigation has been initiated in the Pachappa Fraud matter.

Do you have the agreement to revise and publish Kim Il-byung's book Korean American Pioneer Dosan?

Do you have the rights use permissions for photos the Hungsadan placed into the version you published?

Who were the people involved in changing the content of this book? Hong Myung Ki?

The Hungsadan revised the original text of the 1995 copyrighted version.Examples:

  • Removing Susan Ahn Cuddy's Foreword and publishing your version two months after she died
  • Changing the original written text using "Los Angeles" pages 66 and 67 to "Riverside" on page 58 of the Hungsadan revised September 2015 version.     
  • Do you know why Professor Ed Chang did not use your revisions in Pachappa Camp? What you included supports his claims... not the truth. Ironically, there is no reference to your version of this book in Pachappa Camp.

Mr. Choi hopefully, you can truthfully cooperate to straighten out the facts and provide credible answers in a timely manner.

Best Regards,

Philip Ahn Cuddy

"History isn't history unless it's the truth."                 Lincoln