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Japan Did Not Annex Korea - Japan Occupied Korea Through Evil Actions

Japan Did Not Come to Korea

as a Neighbor

This crucifixion is the evil type of Japanese unjust treatment of Koreans in Korea that Dosan Ahn Chang Ho fought against.

One Korean Grandmother's memories of the Japanese.

Japan's plan to conquer Korea had the support of America and Europe. They wanted open doors to international meddling and interference with Korea's political and social evolution.

Chinilpa - Yi's Were Pro-Japanese  

The Japanese preyed on weak willed Koreans Yi Family members who were not concerned about the Independence and Freedom of  Korea. The Yi Royalty sacrificed their country for personal gain.

Prisoners of Japanese Imperialists

Japan, China and Russia fought over Korea and destroyed the country. They pillaged. raped and killed innocent Koreans

Dosan in Taejon Prison run by Japanese Army and Police.

This is Dosan's last picture before going back to Japanese run Hospital where the Japanese finally killed him.