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Pachappa was a Migrant Labor Camp not Koreatown

Revising history damages the truth. No Pioneer Generation Korean called Pachappa Koreatown because it wasn't one!

UC Riverside and UCLA Claim Date is 1904 - Incorrect

This photograph is not from 1904 or 1905 as UC Riverside claims. It was taken in January 1912 before Dosan left Riverside for San Francisco.  Dosan is the third man from left with a mustache. Look right to the picture of Dosan from 1905 - clean shaved. The group picture above is from a series of photographs taken in Riverside in January 1912 to be used in ads for Korean labor in the Kongnip Shinbo (newspaper) in San Francisco. However, The Great Freeze of late 1912 and 1913 shut down Korean labor in the citrus industry for years.

Recently the date of this photo of Koreans in the orange groves of Alta Cuesta Orchard in Riverside, California has been misrepresented by UC Riverside. In my opinion it is done to alter the history of early Koreans in America to support hidden agendas and for the selling of Dosan.  

In numerous articles and books UC Riverside is crediting the authorized use of  photo to USC Digital Archives or Korean Heritage Library. Pictures not in the digital archives at USC need to be properly identified and credited

This picture was first exhibited and published in the Helen Ahn Collection in the 1980's in Los Angeles, California. It was archived in 1982 and sent to Korea in 1984. It was published in 2000 in the Complete Works of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho Vol. 14. Helen Ahn collected thousands of valuable historical documents and photographs that opened a closed door to modern Korean history. This picture as are most online early Korean images in America is from the Helen Ahn Collection. For years, I worked on this collection with Susan Ahn Cuddy (my mother) and Kenneth Cho of the Hungsadan.The collection was donated to The Independence Hall of South Korea and was on display in Seoul's National Museum in 1984 until it went to the Indpendence Hall of Korea in 1987.

I know this collection keenly.  I am the only manager of it. The contract is on record with the South Korean Government. Almost every image UC Riverside uses originated from the Helen Ahn Collection I manage.

Changing the date of this picture is a clear example of revisionism. UC Riverside produces a consistent source of misinformation about Korean history misusing this picture.The post to the right will explain the extent of the damage.

UCLA supports the wrong information. I presented this issue to Dean David Schaberg years ago and he ignored my correction and credited it to USC.

Dosan Had No Mustache in America Until After 1911.

In my opionion, Ed Chang thrives on non-Korean people who are easy to fool. So so far many people who are trusted by the public have been fooled.

How disappointing Judy Woodruff and Stephanie Sy of PBS, Sakshi Venkatraman of NBC, Jill Cowan of NYT, Frank Shyong of the LA Times,  Hyungwon Kang  of the Korea Herald and too many others were suckered by revised history. They were lazy and did NOT check facts. Today, news is contrived entertainment.  Journalists cannot be trusted.

Chang claims he knows the hsitory of Dosan and the Kongnip Hyophoe. He says it started in Riverside. He writes about it.  However, there is a glaring fact that fools overlooked when Chang sells his revision. ... DOSAN DID NOT HAVE A MUSTACHE in 1905 as seen in the earliest picture of the Kongnip Hyophoe above. Chang is incorrect and people who accept his wrong facts are ignorant. Faking facts to revise the truth is a serious problem.

When supposed scholarly people like Professor Edward T. Chang of the UC Riverside Young Oak Kim Center, The Dean of Letters and Sciences at UCLA and Ken Klein former Director of the USC Korean Library perpetuate bad information it damages history. Because of their credentialed potions in education it is difficult to persuade people their claims are revisionism and a problem.

The specific use of the incorrect dating places propaganda over facts.

Chang of UC Riverside makes unjustified claims to support his incorrect history. Chang makes repeated claims he recently discovered the Riverside First Koreatown story. It's not. Chang revised so many facts he lost track of his revisions.

Here are three incorrect claims based on revision and misinformation:

Riverside is not the Mecca of the Independence Movement

Riverside is not the First Koreatown

There never were 1000 Pioneer Generation Korean residents in Pachappa before or after the Southern California Freeze of 1912/1913.