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Revsion of Korean American History

Korean and Korean American history are poorly taught. Most of the facts and information have been revised and twisted to fit the needs of professors, universities, media, publishers and business. Personal gains are at the forefront of too many scholars' minds at the expense of the truth. Today most people who have taken a Korean Studies class have a mediocre understanding of the actual story. Harvard University and UC Riverside are the leading forces in re-writing history to meet hidden agendas. Harvard has been pro-Japanese since the early 1800's which is still apparent in the recent Ramseyer Comfort Women distortion issue supported by President Larry Bakow. UC Riverside consistently creates and publishes incorrect information at the expense of the truth about Korean American History and Dosan Ahn Chang ho. This section points out some of the biggest culprits in the Revision Problem.

Ed Chang

Chang is one of the top Revisionists in the world of Korean American Studies. PBS got the wool pulled over its eyes. Chang has created an in depth incorrect history of Koreans in Riverside, California. Riverside was not a Koretown nor is it the Mecca of the Korean Independence Movement. Chang distorts Dosan Ahn Chang ho's life story for his personal gain and the financial gain of UC Riverside. Be careful not to believe what he teaches and says without vetting what he says. Ask Chang why he avoids mentioning San Francisco's Korean story.

Carol Park

Park is Ed Chang's flunky at UC Riverside. She is not an expert in Korean American Pioneer history or the story of of Riverside as she claims. Her research is mediocre at best. Just like Chang's work, her work is riddled with revised facts and information. The Colonel Young Oak Kim Center for Koren Studies is misleading people, media and students about the truth of Riverside's role in the Independence Movement.

Edward Park

Park should not be teaching anything about Korean American early history or the Pioneer generation. Park tells people Dosan Ahn Chang Ho lived at USC in the USC Korean Studies Center. This has  been a lie perpetuated by USC when the opened this office. Ken Klein was the USC employee who started the false claim about Dosan. Dosan left America in 1926. The Ahns moved to USC in 1936 and Dosan was NEVER there. This is an example of his poor teaching ethics. He is a follower of Ed Chang.

Hung Sa Dan

Otherwise known as the Young Korean Academy. Dosan founded this group in San Francisco in 1913. After Dosan left in 1926 the Hung Sa Dan started to deteriorate. Today it is not the organization planned or dreamed of to help Koreans become better people and citizens. The recent YKA Historical Cultural Monument nomination by the City of Los Angeles Office of Historical Resources, the LA Conservancy and District 8 Councilman  Harris-Dawson collaborated with the Culutural Heritage Commision to create a false scenario about the significance of an old trashed house at 3421 Catalina Street. Many of the Hung Sa Dan members from Los Angeles and Mexico did not tell the truth.

PBS series Asian Americans is full of revised history about the Korean American experience. The dialogue is skewed to Japanese American perspective. The Producers allotted five (5)minutes of the first one hundred twenty (120) minutes to Korean Americans. What Rene Tajima Pena said about history distorts the Korean American story. There were incorrect claims about land ownership and naturalization. I was used for the subject of those five (5) minutes. Numerous hours of interviewing me were and the images I provided were wasted. People who have such limited knowledge pulled the wool over PBS's eyes. PBS is not what it used to be. Be careful what you believe when you view its programs.