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도산  Dosan means Island Mountain.

"One final ingredient which entered the mold that produced Dosan, the nationalist leader, was a sense of personal destiny as a leader, a pioneer, someone destined to stand out, and possibly, stand alone. This sense was reflected in his choice of his pen name when he observed the lonely splendor of the Hawaiian peaks towering from the vastness of the surrounding ocean." 

                                                                   Dr. Arthur Leslie Gardner

                                                                   Credible Dosan Scholar

How much do you know about Dosan Ahn Chang Ho's life? Proper education and sincere honesty were two of Dosan's critical concerns and crucially important social reforms. Do you think you know the truth about this man ?

If it wasn't for Dosan's vision, patriotism, sacrifice and love for his homeland - Korea would have never gained its independence. Today Korea would be ruled by Japan without Dosan's leadership. No other Korean patriot did as much as Dosan did to stop Japan from obliterating Koreans from the face of the earth.

Dosan Ahn Chang Ho's life is a clear example of right action and honesty.

His leadership, love of his country and service to his countrymen was sincere.

He believed the main problem with Korean people was telling lies

 Dosan's Four Main Principles:

  • Always Seek the Truth
  • Act upon the Truth
  • Be Loyal and Trustworthy 

Have Courage to Uphold the Truth

"Sometimes the person who is tolerant of the wrongdoer is actually worse than the wrongdoer!"    Dosan Ahn Chang Ho

"Dosan's story has fallen into the hands of the wrong people who are making wrong claims about history. There is too much wrong information about Dosan being spread by unqualified disingenuous scholars, insincere politicians and self- serving community leaders.  The majority of people who claim they know Dosan's legacy have the unethical character Dosan wanted to reform.   There are too many wrongdoers. Things need to change! "   Philip Ahn Cuddy 12/29/2022