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How much do you know about Dosan Ahn Chang Ho's life? Do you think you know the truth? Proper education and sincere honesty were two of Dosan's critical concerns and crucially important social reforms.

If it wasn't for Dosan's patriotism and love fore his homeland - Korea would be part of Japan. No other Korean patriot did as much as Dosan did to stop Japan from obliterating Korea. November 9th , 2022 was Dosan Ahn Chang Ho's 144th birthday.

Dosan had a saying - "Sometimes the person who is tolerant of the wrongdoer is actually worse than the wrongdoer!" 

There is too much wrong today. Being tolerant is no longer an option.

Time to escalate the battle for the truth... here on this website.

Dosan's name is posted on numerous buildings and signs in America and in Korea.  Most of the people look at his name with no clue who he is and why they see his name. Many people claim they follow Dosan's ideals and boast they know his life story.  Most of these people could not pass a basic test about Dosan. Many people pose as experts and claim people should listen to their interpretation of Dosan's teachings. Unfortunately, the extreme majority of these people are ignorant liars.

The Dosan Memorial Foundation, The Hungsadan, The Korean National Association Memorial Foundation are supposed to be honest leaders. Most of the people in these organization make false representations of Dosan, Korean history and Korean American history. The Korean American Coalition, Koreatown Youth and Community Center, KW Lee Foundation, March First Association, Korean American Museum and the Korean Resource Center are examples of community groups that know too little about Dosan. These groups incorporate Dosan into meaningless programs with no understanding of how Dosan is the foundation of heritage.

The state wide University of California  system, Harvard University, University of Southern California and the University of Hawaii are major examples of educational institutions that have failed at teaching the complete truth about Dosan using selective facts to revise history. Using Dosan for sponging money, donations and grants is more important than teaching his history.

The City of Los Angeles, The City of Riverside and the State of California are examples of political officials and community leaders abusing Dosan's name for personal, financial and egotistical gain.

It's a shame Dosan's legacy is currently in this condition. The truth of his life story and core ideals have never been more important for Korea and for America.

Muhan Dojeon

Dosan Episode

도산  Dosan means Island Mountain.

"One final ingredient which entered the mold that produced Dosan, the nationalist leader, was a sense of personal destiny as a leader, a pioneer, someone destined to stand out, and possibly, stand alone. This sense was reflected in his choice of his pen name when he observed the lonely splendor of the Hawaiian peaks towering from the vastness of the surrounding ocean." 

                                                                        Arthur Leslie Gardner

Dosan Ahn Chang Ho's life is a clear example of right action and honesty. His leadership, love of his country and service to his countrymen was sincere. Dosan stopped Japanese Genocide from obliterating Korea's culture, its history and its people. His patriotic leadership against the Japanese Occupation of Asia is the main reason Korea is an independent nation. If it wasn't for Dosan's incredible sacrifices Korea would be part of Japan today!

 Dosan's Four Main Principles:

  • Always Seek the Truth
  • Act upon the Truth
  • Be Loyal and Trustworthy 
  • Have Courage to Uphold the Truth