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Dosan Ahn Chang Ho's Legacy

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My name is Flip Cuddy and this website is about the legacy of my family. Dosan Ahn Chang Ho and Yi Hey Ron - Helen Ahn are my grandparents. My mother is Susan Ahn Cuddy, Dosan's oldest daughter. My father is Francis X. Cuddy. I am Irish and Korean. I was born in America and lived in California most of my life. Besides living this story I began seriously studying Korea in 1984. I worked in Korea and lived there for two years. I am proud of both my heritages. The comments, opinions and information provided here to the best of my knowledge represent what I consider to be the truth.

Thank you for visiting this website.

Pioneer Koreans came to California, Hawaii and Mexico

Claremont, Upland and Redlands

This is the Korean Students Association in 1916 at their dormitory in Claremont. Currently working on the Mary Stewart story about her support of early Korean migrant farm workers. UC Riverside and The City of Riverside have grossly exaggerated the role of the Pacchappa Migrant Labor Camp in the Independence Movement and Pioneer Korean history. Upland and Redlands were highly important to the complete Pioneer Korean story.

Koreans in Merida

The story about Koreans sold to the Haciendas in Merida area of the Yucatan is not properly accounted. This was slavery like the plight of the Koreans sold to Hawaiian Sugar Plantation Owners Association. However, the Koreans in Mexico were treated more severely.

PBS Asian Americans buried Korean Americans' history...

How careful did you pay attention? Why did PBS only allow 5 minutes of Korea story during the first 120 minutes?

Visiting with Dosan Fans

Namseoul Univeristy

Unfortunately, COVID ended over 30 years of  "visiting hours'. Students from South Korea and Southern California were frequent visitors to the "Muhan Dojeon Dosan Set". Many people came to see artifacts, documents and other historical material that helped them understand the Truth about Korean and Korean American history. People would leave here realizing they have been given a lot of propaganda about Dosan instead of the true story.

Students From Gwangju

High School and College group on a tour of American universities stopped to see some of the archives and learn about Korea history and Dosan.