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‘Misinformation can become history’

Debunking Black History Month to correct facts

It is great to see other people genuinely concerned about limiting "bad history".

Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor  debunked “fake Black history” to show how “easily misinformation can become history.” She is the founder of the National Black Cultural Information Trust. Aiwuyor used her TikTok account to educate her followers on Black history by debunking myths, recounting little-known facts and discussing the importance of historical remembrance. more...

This PBS show is full of Misinformation & Ignorance

Stephanie Sy was foolish not to vet UC Riverside Professor Edward Chang and the misinformation being passed off as history. Chang is not a qualified historian. Chang and his associates being students, University officials and City of Riverside officials have spread a deep coating of bad history on the legacy of Koreans in Riverside. more...

Each one of these houses connected to the Ahn Family and the history connected to them have been abused to carry out a hidden agenda within the Los Angeles City Council, Office of Historic Resources, Cultural Heritage Commission, Los Angeles Conservancy, USC, Asian American Community organizations and Non-Asian Community organizations. More details to come...

106 North Figueroa

Bunker Hill Los Angeles

Ahn Family House

USC Campus

Dosan Never Lived Here

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Philip Ahn/Kurt Cobain House

Alta Loma

Los Angeles


Young Korea Academy


Los Angeles

Confirmational Bias - Participatory Disinformation - Gaslighting

Philip Ahn

Back to Baatan

Philip Ahn

Love is a Many Splendored Thing

Black Dragon Society

Japanese Agents Network

United States

RFK Mural


Los Angeles