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Academic Freedom...  Because proving what you teach is too hard!

3/10 - Harvard's Ramseyer Insult about Comfort Women creating global push against his academic failure. Harvard University officially support of Ramseyer's claims he based on lies, Japanese propaganda and unprofessional poor research.

CNN Report

Harvard's Gersen is a sellout when it comes to Korean history. She is an apologist for Ramseyer stuck between the truth and her Harvard pay check. She joins new Alliance of supporting right to dishonest academic claims.

The Legal Advisory Council seeks to provide legal services to scholars whose academic freedom is challenged by institutions or other officials, according to Jeannie Suk Gersen, a professor at HLS who serves on the Council. The Council includes law professors and professional lawyers, including a former United States Solicitor General and partners at several major firms.

Of course Lawyers like Gersen are jumping om this matter for more Billable Hours!!!

Comfort Women are not "pure fiction" or made on "factually false" claims. Harvard promotes Academic Failure. Liars cannot hide behind the veil of academic freedom. This is not free speech. This is PAID speech. Employers use academic freedom of speech to futilely protract issues so a famous University like Harvard can make more money off of Bull Shit.

How Did Harvard Treat

Dr. Terry Karl?

Harvard has some serious issues with harassment and abuse.  “Harvard failed [Terry Karl],” Harvard University president Lawrence Bacow wrote in a letter on Thursday. “She deserved better, and she and others suffered greatly as a result.” He also apologized for Harvard’s delay in taking “timely and appropriate actions.”

No wonder Harvard Presidents both Faust in 2015 and Bacow in 2021 turned Harvrad's back on Comfort Women and the truth about Korean history!