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Independence Movement Documents

Samples of Syngman Rhee Conflict with KNA, KPG and UKC

United Korean Committee Report about Rhee 1944

June 6, 1944 Internal Report about decisions

made byUKC for dealing with Rhee problems

Korean National Association Dispute with Rhee Hawaii

Hawaiian newspaper article June 17, 1915. Rhee was fighting

with Park Young Man trying to take control of the KNA away

from Park. Rhee's followers used violence and made death threats against  KNA members. Rhee wanted Park assassinated.

Western Union Telegram dated July

24, 1944 to Kim Gu KPG from

Han Si Dai of UKC. KPG has to

support controlling Rhee

United Korean Committee Report on Rhee Conflict

Pages 1 and 2 of 14 page report. Rhee failed in America and Shanghai. He is no Independence Movement hero.

Rhee Conflict with Park Young Man and KNA 1915

Rhee wanted Park Young Man killed. Park was attacked by Rhee's followers in San Francisco.

Rhee Conflict with Hyun Soon

Rev. Hyun Soon was an interpreter for the first Koreans sold as slaves to Hawaii Sugar Plantation Owners in 1903. Hyun participated in the Independence Movement his entire life. Hyun was one of the first young Koreans to organize the Provisional Government in Shanghai. He also presented the Korean Declaration of Independence to the International media on March 4, 1919. Rhee caused Hyun and his family a lot of trouble.

This is a copy of first page from a letter from Rhee to Hyun Soon regarding Hyun's resignation because of Rhee's corrupted leadership at the Korean Commission.