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April 21, 1884 to April 21, 1969

Yi Hye Ryon - Helen Ahn came to San Francisco, California October 14, 1902 with her husband Dosan Ahn Chang Ho. They were the first married couple to come to America from Korea. Yi Hye Ryon only went back to Korea once in 1963. She lived in California for all 67 years. Los Angeles was where she made her home and raised the Ahn family. She was a trailblazer, pioneer, smart, witty and the pillar of the early Korean American Pioneer Generation. Without her patriotism for Korea and dedication to Dosan Korean Independence may have never come. Her five children were all born in America. Philson is the only Ahn child not born in the city of Los Angeles.  He was born in Riverside in 1912. All of the other children were born near Bunker Hill between 1905 and 1926. The Ahns were definitely Angelinos and proud of their homes in Los Angeles. All five children were born in America with Philip being among the first few children of Korean heritage born in America. Since all five siblings were born in mainland United States the Ahns might be considered the First Korean American Family.

1917 106 N. Figueroa  was Dosan's Favorite Home

This was one of my grandmother's favorite family photos. The 106 N. Figueroa Street Victorian home on Bunker Hill was such a better living situation than Riverside Labor Camp life, Philson, Dosan, Soorah, Philip, Susan and Yi Hye Ron - Helen Ahn. 1917 taken before Dosan left California for Merida, Mexico.

1956 Ahn Family - Philip Ahn's Hollywood Bowl House.

This is the Ahn Family 40 years later in Los Angeles. Susan Ahn Cuddy and her two children were living with Yi Hye Ryon and Soorah Ahn at the Victoria Avenue House. Susan, whose home was in Virginia, was researching Indonesia on her National Security Agency Fellowship at USC. Flip, Yi Hye Ryon, Pamela Ahn Philson's daughter, Susan Ahn Cuddy, Barbara Ahn Lee, Philip Ahn, Luciel Lee Ahn Philson's wife, Soorah Ahn, Ralph Ahn and Philson Ahn.

Chang and Park of UC Riverside Use False Information

Falsifying facts and making misleading claims - Once is a mistake. More then once is a choice.

Footsteps of Korean Americans is propaganda not history. This YouTube post is presenting misinformation.

How can any decent person use false information as propaganda? This is extremely disrespectful and unprofessional.  Ed Chang, Carol Park and UC Riverside should not be allowed to get away with misleading people. This has been going on for too long. Dosan's Family's legacy is being harmed and Korean American history is not benefiting from anything connected to Riverside when it produces false claims instead of facts and truth.

Chang and Park just make "facts" up and UC Riverside and the City of Riverside support this misinformation with no concern for the truth. Our Families did not move to US from Hawaii in 1905 or at anytime. We were not sugar plantation slaves. This misrepresented photo is from the same family event as picture above. This is fraud and a violation of Ahn and Cuddy rights. Using our pictures without permission is against the law besides being unethical.