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Harvard Pro-Japanese Text Book Correction YouTube Clip in Korean - Thanks to JNC TV

It took 7 years to fix the Harvard textbook regarding Korea's industrial development history. The textbook was written by Japanese scholars, funded by a Japanese foundation, telling students how Japan was responsible for Korea's industrial advancement. No mention of colonizing, but a combination of economies, etc. Unbelievable that Harvard taught Kennedy school graduate students like this for 7 years without anyone finding out about it. 

When the textbook was revised, Harvard didn't tell graduate student Ryan Jung, the main instigator of correcting the textbook. He found out through a JTBC report. Still a lot of incorrect information remains in this textbook.

The Crimson Collaborators

What’s Wrong With Harvard University?

Harvard University should have fired Order of the rising Sun Mitsubishi Law Professor Ramseyer. It did not. The International Review of Law and Economics should have completely retracted Contracting for Sex in the Pacific War. It did not.

Revision of history when it is beneficial for Harvard University and a garbage journal means everything is fine at Harvard University. Of course there is nothing wrong if you are pro-Japanese or a Korean who is from a Chinilpa family. Harvard University has a long Chinilpa tradition. Harvard hands were collaborating in Japan’s destruction of Korea’s independence.

Did any of the 3,500 plus signers of Michael Chwe’s retraction petition actually expected Harvard University to ethically handle its employee Ramseyer’s unqualified freewheeling claims Comfort Women ‘sex slave’ controversy was a hoax? Did signers understand Harvard University is pro-Japanese using yen diplomacy when it comes to Japanese Imperialism in Korean history?

Watching Harvard Asia Center Discussion Spring 2021 - Jeannie Suk Gersen and John Robson seemed more concerned about Harvard University’s brand fallout than Ramseyer’s revision of history. Gersen’s verbal acrobatics trying to make Koreans trust Harvard fell short, straining her Korean heritage. Gersen, who is not a historian, whines about her time more than the evil of this issue. Of more concern than truth was the fallout for trusting the Harvard Ivory Tower brand. Due to the negativity Ramseyer had cast on Harvard, Robson's last question to Gersen was: “…do you think this is over?” The answer is NO! Listening to these two did not instill any trust in their integrity or trust in Harvard to uphold truth about Japanese Atrocities in Korea and Comfort Women as sex slaves.

On February 12, 2023 Kempeitai imitators Jason Morgan and Harvard University employee Ramseyer claimed the ‘sex slave’ matter was a complete hoax in a new article Comfort Women: Professor Mark Ramseyer Speaks Out as Truth Wins. It is a post IRLE statement after its decision not to retract. It is a Mitsubishi Ramseyer “victory” article in the overtly shoddy publication JapanForward.

Dear John Robson, the fallout should be more serious from this latest round of disingenuous actions by Jason Morgan, Ramseyer, IRLE and Harvard University. Harvard University pro-Japanese Chinilpa history should add more serious fallout.

Harvard Law School pro-Japanese Barack Hussein Obama crammed the 2015 Deal to silence the Comfort Women issue down Park Gunhae’s throat. Abe’s 2015 Harvard visit was protested. The 2018 Order of the Rising Sun award to Mitsubishi Ramseyer Ceremony was held at Harvard. These activities happened under the Drew Faust pro-Japanese regime. Didn't Koreans protested against the Japanese Rising Sun Flag in Korea and America? Seems there should have been more outrage.


Pro-Japanese support of Ramseyer’s 2020 baloney game theory willing prostitution claims was given by Larry Bacow hiding behind academic freedom of speech to maintain Harvard University’s yen diplomacy. Harvard pro-Japanese custom reigned.

Direct Harvard alumni activities to destroy Korean Independence at the end of the Choson Dynasty make it impossible to deny Harvard was pro-Japanese throughout the Independence Movement. Why would Harvard change yen diplomacy in 2023?

Harvard influencing Japan’s Occupation of Korea arose through Megata Tanetaro who was a graduate of Harvard in 1874. According to Arthur Leslie Gardner on page 48 of his 1979 University of Hawaii dissertation Tanetaro officially assumed control of Korea’s financial system on October 15, 1904. He introduced strategic currency reform in Korea on January 18, 1905. He used fake nickels to devalue all Korean money leading to the loss of many Koreans' financial successes and land ownership. Moving forward, Bank of Korea was replaced by Daiichi Bank of Japan through its network of Harvard Alumni and Japanese sympathizers.

Pages 322-323 in Lee Ki Baek's A New History of Korea (1984) gave an overview of Japan underhandedly gaining control of Korea's financial system. Harvard's Edward Schultz edited this book. Schultz never exposed Harvard’s pro-Japanese tradition. Was he bound by the Harvard yen diplomacy source of funding?

Tanetaro worked closely with Edwin Vernon Morgan, also a Harvard graduate (1890) and a Harvard Professor. Morgan was an unwavering pro-Japanese American diplomat involved with the demise of the Bank of Korea while elevating Daiichi Bank in Korea. Morgan was a key strategic figure in Korea's loss of independence to Japan. Morgan’s conniving whole-hearted support of Japan is detailed in Carol Cameron Shaw's book The Foreign Destruction of Korean Independence.

Page 67 of Shaw’s book reveals another destructive connection to Harvard. Prime Minister Matsukata Masayoshi’s son was a student at Harvard in 1902. While in America and Europe Matsukata’s successful world shopping tour for funding Japan’s war against Russia he met with Charles Elliot Harvard's President (term 1869-1909). See Shaw pages 85 and 125 for Harvard President Elliot's exchange with Carnegie, an interesting account of ‘dollar diplomacy’.


Matsukata returned to Japan with multi-millions of dollars in war bonds to fund the Russo-Japan war. In 1903 he sold bonds to Jacob Schiff, J.P. Morgan and J.D. Rockefeller. He sold more bonds in Europe including purchases made by the Rothschilds with the help of Takahashi Korekiyo. Most of these bond purchasers were also connected to Harvard dollar diplomacy.

Harvard Class of 1921 alumnus Admiral Isoroko Yamamoto was certainly aware of what Ramseyer denies. Does Ramseyer believe all of these Harvard alumni were ignorant of what was going on with ‘sex slaves’? Korean women during the Sino-Japan War and the Russo-Japan War were forced to have sex with Japanese soldiers.

According to Japanese tradition it was a military right.

A high priest of Japan apologists, American George Kennan called the Japan-Russo War a "happily prearranged war." Mrs. George Kennan was a distant cousin of Harvard alumnus Edwin Vernon Morgan.

Edwin Vernon Morgan, Tanetaro and Harvard significantly influenced the strategic takeover and criminal Occupation of Korea before, during and after the Russo-Japan War. During the Sino-Japan War in Korea and the Russo-Japan War in Korea were the Kempeitai and Genyosha handing out job applications and contracts to the Korean women they were forcing into prostitution and sex slavery?

Harvard University alumni, funders and affiliates were aware of the grave truth about Japanese atrocities and Comfort Women in Korea. Nevertheless, they remained faithfully pro-Japanese.

Harvard had a dirty hand that reached deep into Japan's unjust and evil Occupation leading to the destruction of Korean independence. For the sake of its brand when it comes to the Independence Movement and Comfort Women Harvard University maintains Chinilpa yen diplomacy. Try to deny Harvard was and still is a pro-Japanese collaborator.

What follows Harvard’s revision of Korean history? Harmful revision of Black history is on its way to Harvard University. I hope someone there has the integrity to fight political hogwash and dollar diplomacy for the sake of truth in history.

My Korean grandfather Dosan Ahn Chang Ho was arrested by the Kempeitai six times because he was the most formidable threat to Japanese Imperialism in Korea. He was imprisoned, tortured and finally killed in Seoul March 10, 1938. Without Dosan’s leadership during the Independence Movement - today Korea would be Japan.

My Irish father who spoke Japanese fluently was an OP20G code breaker in World War 2. He broke the Japanese code at Midway and also the code that led to killing of Class of 1921 Harvard alumnus Admiral Yamamoto shot down over the Solomon Islands April 18, 1943. My Korean mother who was the first Asian woman Gunnery Officer in the US Armed Forces also broke Japan’s Military codes during her US Navy service in World War 2. They both continued to monitor Japan at the National Security Agency.


Harvard's Rising Sun

Abe Always Treated First Rate by Harvard University

Abe always appreciated Harvard's favoritism. Larry Bacow favored Japanese revisionist history over Korea's history. Harvard University has been pro-Japan since the early 1900's if not well before then. In 1904, Harvard alumni Edward Vernon Morgan and Megata Tanetaro advised the Korean Minister of Finance to allow Daichi Bank to handle the Korean nation's money taking away Korea's control of its finances. Today, Harvard Professor of Japanese Law and Korean comfort women denier Ramseyer is a solid example of this long lived Harvard Pro-Japanese policy in still in action.

Order of the Rising Sun - Harvard Faculty

J. Mark Ramseyer, Mitsubishi Professor of Japanese Legal Studies at the Harvard Law School, has been conferred with the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon, by the Japanese government. One of the oldest and highest national decorations, the award recognizes Ramsayer’s extensive contributions to the development of Japanese studies in the U.S. and the promotion of understanding of Japanese society and culture.

Harvard University Pro-Japanese "Club"

Prince Matsukata Masayoshi

son at Harvard 1902

Mitsubishi Ramseyer

Order of the Rising Sun


Comfort Women denialist

"Sex Slave was a Hoax"

Harvard University Presidents

Drew Faust, Larry Bacow support

his revision of Korean History.

Harvard's Pro-Japanese Tradition adversely affects Korean History today!

On Wednesday, Harvard Alumnus Ned Price, the US State department spokesman, said the US supports Yoon’s “vision for a more cooperative, future-oriented relationship with Japan.” Ned Price recent support of President Yoon's March Firt speech is example of current Harvard pro-Japanese tradition. Harvard Alumnus Obama is pro-Japanese as well.

Harvard Alumnus Anthony Blinken State Department Chief is pro-Japanese and supports Yoon's disrespect for Independence Movement history on March First.

In an interview with the Chosun Ilbo following the event, Joseph Choe expressed his disappointment in Prime Minister Abe’s response, saying, “I didn’t expect him to make a new apology for the past, but I was very disappointed when he pointed to Japan’s efforts to support women’s rights. How can he talk about increasing women’s rights while they continue to deny the past?”

“Yong Soo Lee, a former comfort woman, spoke to a group of Harvard students yesterday about how she was literally dragged from her home and forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military during World War II,” Choe said. “Hearing her speak and seeing her tears made me empowered to seek justice for her and other former comfort women. What the Japanese government did was horrific, and an apology is the least they can do to give closure to women like Yong Soo Lee.”