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Japan Did Not Annex Korea

Japan Occupied Korea Through Unjust Force

Crucifixion is an example of the evil Japanese treatment of Koreans in Korea that Dosan Ahn Chang Ho fought against.

One Korean Grandmother's memories of the Japanese.

Japan's plan to conquer Korea had the financial support of America and Europe. The Rockefellers, Carnegies and Rothschilds backed Japan in the Russo-Japan War. They planned on opening doors for international meddling and interference with Korea's political and social evolution.

Ready to Decapitate


Tortured and Starved


Japanese jailed, tortured and killed Koreans on their own land. It was Genocide. Manazanar and Internment were wrong. Nobody at Manzanar was tortured or executed. As crude as the facilities were Manazanar was nothing like the horrors of being kept in Sodaemun or one of the other 14 prisons. Hell on Earth with rotten food, cramped cells and no heat or plumbing.

Japanese used Fodder Chopper to Decapitate Koreans

Japanese pointed finger to headless neck to scare Koreans

Japanese Samurai Swords and Bayonets inflict serious wounds

Public Display

Yu Kwon Sun Prison Card. She would die in Korea at the hands of Japanese Police.

Slave Labor

Japanese Coffin Cells made Koreans stand up for days.

Sodaemun Prison in Seoul. One of 14 Prisons run by Japanese to jail, torture, and execute Koreans in their own country.

Prisoners of Japanese Imperialists

Japan, China and Russia fought over Korea and destroyed the country. They pillaged villages, raped women and girls and killed many innocent Koreans.

Dosan in Taejon Prison run by Japanese Army and Police.

This is Dosan's last picture before going back to Japanese run Hospital where the Japanese finally killed him.