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"If you are pro Rhee you are anti Dosan!"

This matter of honoring Syngman Rhee as a hero of the Independence Movement is 100% wrong.  Honoring Rhee is an attack on the dignity of real Korean patriots.  Building a Rhee Memorial Hall in Korea or any statue of Rhee in America is a clear example of South Koreans' poor understanding of Korean history. Teaching Korean history is more of a lesson in propaganda then historical truth. The teaching Korean American history pre-1970 is a complete fraud by unqualified educators and institutions. 

The families of the people who served the Korean Provisional Government with true patriotism need join hands to stop the false and incorrect story about Syngman Rhee coming from President Yoon and the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs.  Korean Pioneers' descendants need to do something about these matters, as well.