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Syngman Rhee

Was Not Independence Movement Hero

Rhee wanted Park Young Man Killed in 1915

Rhee had Dosan arrested in 1925 in USA

Rhee stole money from Provisional Government

STOP the SYNGMAN RHEE Memorial Hall

During my visit to Korea for August 15th in 2023 the news reports about building a memorial hall for Rhee as an Independence Movement hero was shocking and seriously disappointing. Proposing anything to honor Rhee is wrong because it is not based on correct history. Rhee was corrupt and evil not a hero.

How can the people of South Korea support anything to honor Rhee? Rhee’s history lacks integrity. Rhee abused his role as a leader of Independence Movement activities in Mainland US and Hawaii. He disrupted the development of the Korean Provisional Government in Shanghai.

Rhee disrespected the true patriots of the Independence Movement. Historical documents with clear proof sit in the Independence Hall of Korea, The Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaii and at The Korean Heritage Library at the University of Southern California. Sadly, scholars and caretakers of history at these institutions have failed their responsibility to maintain the truth about the destructive character and dishonesty of Rhee.

Philip Ahn Cuddy

Grandson of Ahn Chang Ho